Santa Monica Bay Foundation Rebrand


Santa Monica Bay Foundation reached out to me asking if I would help them update and rebrand their identity as they were revealing a new shortened name "The Bay Foundation". Being a Los Angeleno and a huge advocate for animals and the enivronment, it was a project I held near and dear to my heart and I wanted to help them evolve and tell their story through a stronger visual identity.

I took elements from their old logo and simplified and moderinzed it. I wanted to create something that felt like a timeless seal or a stamp that they could overlay on top of any images they used and pushed photography as a main visual element in how they should share their stories. 

Because The Bay foundation works with all elements that are effected by water (basically, everything), I wanted to create a template for them that would reflect that. All business cards as well as letterheads could be easily updated to the employee's preference based on what the urgency is at the time, whether it's an ocean clean up, a marshland image, or something dedicated to sealife. The only thing that would remain the same was their logo. 

The new name and the new logo was revealed at their 25th Celebration event.