Old Navy Hits // Don't Hide Your Shine


We were tasked by Old Navy to write a song that would persuade women to wear more dresses during the day. Naturally, we went down an R. Kelly inspired route. Just as naturally, the client made us go from rap-singing to a pop song. Either way, this is my partner and I's introduction into being serious song writers (Hi, Miley Cyrus! Sorry, America!). Enjoy. 


This song became extremely popular. And I'm not just saying that because I co-wrote it. Fans on Youtube recreated their own videos, making an extended version as well as a karaoke version. We eventually came out with a longer version of the song, available for download via iTunes. It had over a thousand downloads the first week we released it, and now it can be yours for a bargain of 99 cents on iTunes. There's also an explicit version floating somewhere out of client clutches that I will be more than happy to play for you, for the right price. 

Old Navy has a lot of sales. And all the sales are special, or so we will have you believe. For one weekend, we proposed to have a crowd sourced sale where Old Navy fans were able to pick one of two items they would rather have 10% off on and the one with the most votes went on sale.